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Cycle Centres are common in Continental Europe, particularly in the Netherlands. They are more than just secure cycle parking; many of them offer such things as information, hire, repairs, showers, a shop and a café. Dutch experience suggests that they require higher levels of use by cyclists then would normally be found in Britain. But could they provide the catalyst that enables cycling to major employment areas and stations to take off? Transport Initiatives has worked with Manchester, Salford and Camden Councils to assess the potential viability of Cycle Centres at a range of locations across their areas. The TI assessment considers locational factors, the way in which the project is being planned and how it is likely to operate. We have also assessed existing centres such as at London Bridge and in the Liverpool One project and used them to moderate our findings.

Location, location, location is true for cycle centres as well as property. It is very important for centres to be as close as possible to their potential clients. That is why the best scoring locations in Manchester and Salford are the front of Piccadilly Station, underneath a university building and next to the new BBC building at Media City UK (Salford Quays). It is also the reason why a relatively small operation (by Dutch standards) underneath London Bridge station works well.

Potential Cycle Centre at Manchester Piccadilly Station
Potential Cycle Centre at Manchester Piccadilly Station

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