Transport Initiatives leads the way in Ireland

Cycle Training

Ken Spence has set up a ground breaking pilot of on road cycle training in Ireland for Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council. Four courses for a total of 30 school pupils were run in the last week of October which was the Irish mid term holiday. The instructors were supplied by staff from Wolverhampton City Council and members of An Taisce (Irish Green Schools). These were the first proper on road training courses for children run in the Republic of Ireland and so were the focus of considerable interest.

Meet the Mayor
Cycle trainees meet the An Cathaoirleach (mayor)
Children cycling on the road
Who said it wasn’t safe for children to ride on the road?


The training in Dun Laoghaire complements the work Ken is carrying out for the Department for Transport (as a sub contractor to Steer Davies Gleave) to support the continued roll out and quality control of National Standard training. Ken has prepared a range of “off the shelf” instructor training courses that will be available from the Cycle Training Standards Board.

International Panel of Experts

Alex Sully spent a very intense but rewarding three days as a member of the ‘International Panel of Experts’ reviewing the emerging Irish guidance on cycling being prepared by the Dublin Transportation office. Alex has also been delivering professional training for staff at Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.

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Transport Initiatives leads the way in Ireland:
• Cycle training
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