Loop Scoop in Thetford

Transport Initiatives, partnered with consultants JMP, won a bid to undertake Stage 2 of the Thetford Loops project. This has been managed by TI’s Rob Marshall.

Thetford is a “Healthy Town” and the Thetford Loops, a series of cycle and walking routes, are seen as a way of expanding an existing well developed walking and cycling network into the surrounding countryside. Stage 2 of the project is a technical assessment. We:-

  • Identified the ownership of the loops.
  • Undertook a technical assessment of the 87km of identified route, plus extra routes devised to overcome problems with the Council’s proposals
  • Costed the proposals.
  • Produced guidance on developing and building the routes, rather than designing each section ourselves
  • Working out how the routes will be effectively maintained for a 30 year period.

Whilst Breckland Council identified many potential routes themselves, the final selection depended heavily on the location of the best and safest crossing points of the A11 and B1107 which crossed the area. The A11 is heavily trafficked and the B1107 a switchback with poor forward visibility in places.

Rob is familiar with Thetford, as it was part of his area when he worked for Norfolk County Council. He introduced a number of (even now considered innovative) measures such as raised crossings.


Thetford Forest – those tracks go on and on.
Thetford Forest – those tracks go on and on.

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