TI completes second Stoke on Trent Cycling City contract

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Transport Initiatives has recently completed a second contract for Stoke on Trent Cycling City. When working as interim project manager last winter Transport Initiatives identified a number of projects which gained approval from Cycling England, the project funder. Steve Essex was invited back to work up in detail a programme for increasing cycling permeability. Improving permeability can be achieved through a wide range of options. The Council has chosen to concentrate on:-

  • Exempting cyclists from one-way orders
  • Permitting Cyclists through road closures
  • Implementing Advanced Stop Lines and
  • Improving conditions at roundabouts

Initially this was to have been a study for implementation in the next financial year but Cycling England requested that it be brought forward. Thus the study element had to be condensed so that Steve could focus on the practicalities of getting work on the ground. Gaps in road closures and advanced stop lines are straightforward to achieve but the contra-flow cycle facilities and improving conditions at roundabouts have mostly required innovative ideas due to lack of space.

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TI completes second Stoke on Trent Cycling City contract

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