More wheeling in Ealing...

Ealing Cycle Map
Map for the West London Academy –
produced as an A3 printed map.

In support of the Southall project Transport Initiatives will also be carrying out a Cycle Skills Network Audit of the Southall area for the London Borough of Ealing. From this we will produce a map for cyclists to use, similar to one already produced for the West London Academy .

The Cycle Skills Network Audit maps colour code roads, cycle paths and pedestrian crossings by the Bikeability (National Standard for Cycle Training) skill level needed to use them safely.

Work to produce a CSNA map for Elthorne Park High School in Ealing is already underway.

Are these maps of any use?

Yes they are. Ealing Council report that the numbers of students cycling to the West London Academy has increased by 28% following the production of the map.

For further details of this contact: Ken Spence on
Tel: 0113 250 1547 or
Mobile: 07725 466 839 (when he’s in Ealing)


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