Best of ’ealth to yer

Our Tower Hamlets cycling for health project which links GPs with cycle trainers and bike providers to enable their patients to get back to fitness is now able to stand on its own two feet, or pedals. That TI is no longer needed is a real measure of its success. But don’t let us tell you that just read what some of the recipients have said about it:

Limehouse Basin
Paul and instructor – Limehouse Basin

“After I got married I didn't ride a bike at all. So this was a great chance to ride a bike again. My cycling teacher was very kind. It is good for health, good for my asthma.”
Hena from Globe Town

“I wouldn't have got back on a bike otherwise. Excellent lessons, friendly crowd and very encouraging.”
Heather, aged 60

“I really look forward to my Saturday rides! They are really good for boosting your confidence. I love going to Victoria Park and I have bought my own folding bike. I am so much more confident on the bike now.”
Irene from Poplar

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