Hillingdon has few roads with sufficient width to install cycle lanes…
Hillingdon has few roads with sufficient width
to install cycle lanes…


Heathrow Expressed (Hillingdon Biking Borough)

To balance the high profile inner London cycling investment London Mayor Boris Johnson offered the outer London boroughs extra funding in early 2011 to become “Biking Boroughs”. Following a successful proposal to TfL, Transport Initiatives was appointed by the London Borough of Hillingdon to manage the main part of their Biking Borough programme which covers the south of the borough, including Heathrow.

For Hillingdon TI has helped to put together a realistic cycling capital programme in the traditional too-short time. Input includes a Cycle Skills Network Audit, a selected review of existing infrastructure, including parking and permeability, and stakeholder consultation meetings.

The Network Audit showed that there are permeable areas of Hillingdon but these are separated by busy roads, large junctions or just continuous lines of development. One approach we are following is to join the permeable areas together. We particularly want to promote and improve links between residential areas and primary schools and various small parades of shops. Part of this work is to produce Bikeability coded maps for the areas surrounding schools which will be part of the council’s Bike-It project (managed by Sustrans), started with Harlington Community School near Hayes centre.

We have also produced a list of schemes suitable for immediate and uncontroversial implementation to ensure this year’s money is spent on time.

Airbus A380 at Heathrow
Airbus A380 at Heathrow

Our CSNA has taken auditors to the northern boundary of Heathrow, which of course delighted one plane spotter. It has also given us an opportunity to work with BAA’s travel planning team at the airport

Heathrow already has the highest level of car sharing among staff of any business in London, and BAA is keen to promote and improve opportunities for sustainable travel by staff. We will be talking to them further in 2012, with improved cycle access and promotion at the top of the agenda.

The next newsletter will hopefully carry a more substantial update.

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