Consultants should … consult — and listen!
(London CSNA Workshop)

Or so we believe at Transport Initiatives … and one of our loyal clients, Ealing Council, gave us the opportunity to do this last autumn.

Cycle Skills Network Audit (CSNA) has been a very popular product that TI has used very successfully with a large number of satisfied clients. However, we realise that we can always improve. Ealing was the first council to commission a CSNA study and they helped us again by hosting a CSNA workshop attended by representatives from a number of past and potential London client authorities, as well as user and cycle training groups.

We were particularly keen to learn from clients how best to develop CSNA based cycle maps to enhance their public user friendliness. The workshop was very helpful and we will be making a number of improvements to future mapping as a result. These include clearer explanatory text and slightly changed colours to ensure street names can be clearly read.

Sample of Southall map (prior to the workshop)

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