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We won’t say which supermarket chain installed these in Southwark
We won’t say which supermarket chain
installed these in Southwark

Refreshing London

During the summer TI, in partnership with Contemporary Transport, were commissioned to ‘refresh’ two guides in TfL’s Business Toolkit. The first, Workplace Cycle Parking Guide, originally authored for TfL by Alex Sully, has had a slight shift of emphasis to become Cycling for Business. The second was Pool Bikes for Business. Amongst other updates, both documents now place greater emphasis on helping businesses meet their corporate social responsibility to cut pollutants, especially particulate emissions, created by trips to and from work and for work activities.

Although clearly aimed at London’s business community, these guides are equally applicable outside of the capital. Cycling for business will eventually be accompanied by an appendix giving details of recommended layouts for cycle parking and, more importantly, guidance on the space required to accommodate turning movements undertaken by cyclists pushing their bikes. The diagrams concerned are unique to guides created by Transport Initiatives and help designers understand how much space is required to provide adequate access to facilities within buildings. These have, in turn, been evolved from our work on residential parking mentioned below.

TI can help authorities develop their own guidance at a much reduced compared to commissioning their own work. If you would like to know more please get in touch with Alex. That way you can hopefully reduce the chances of more parking like that opposite being introduced by businesses in your area!

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