It’s that Brompton and mini computer again
It’s that Brompton and mini computer again

Special “A-board” parking at a pub<br>
  catering for inexperienced cyclists
Special “A-board” parking at a pub
catering for inexperienced cyclists

Pretty guardrail? And a Brompton... of course
Pretty guardrail? And a Brompton... of course

Southwark Surveys

The London Borough of Southwark ranges from the South Bank of the Thames to the heights of Crystal Palace and has played host to the TI Bromptons in full audit fury in 2011. The council asked TI to undertake a series of audits in the summer and autumn.
Camberwell Parking
Our first commission was a survey of cycle parking usage at specific sites in Camberwell and fly parking away from these over a twelve hour period on several days. The purpose was to discover which sites were best used and where new provision might be needed.

Cycle Skills Network Audit (CSNA)

A CSNA was started at the same time as the Camberwell survey, covering the whole borough. The north of the borough in particular has a high level of cycling and this is supported in places by some good cycling infrastructure. However, recent discussions referencing Elephant and Castle suggest that some local cyclists are not satisfied with cycle accessibility at busier sites and junctions. Cycle Superhighway 7 also passes through the borough and is well used.

Cycle Parking

The audit of all public cycle parking provision was undertaken concurrently with the CSNA. By carrying out these audits in parallel we could do them more efficiently, for a lower price but also more effectively. CSNA requires two sweeps of an audit area. With an additional sweep for cycle parking and the same auditors undertaking both audits there is much less chance of anything being missed. It also meant that we picked up some new provision that had been implemented after the audits had started and not been in existence in the earlier sweeps.
Our auditors discovered that cycle parking provision in the borough is very impressive with over 4,500 parking spaces at more than 800 sites. While the availability of parking is commendable, the quality of stands and their accessibility is not always so good. Often where space is limited the council is forced to place stands where access is less than ideal simply to enable any provision at all. However, for some privately funded provision there are few excuses. Tesco’s took the prize for consistently providing the worst quality and placement of stands at its stores, though there was some close competition!

Guardrail Audit

Commissioned after the others were completed the final Southwark audit in 2011 was to identify the location, type, amount and condition of all guardrail in the borough.
TfL is encouraging boroughs to remove unnecessary guardrail. Our existing knowledge of Southwark enabled us to set a very competitive price and to carry out the work to budget. We were able to search over 1,000 pictures of crossings, taken as part of the CSNA and identify which of these had guardrail and plot these on a digital mapping layer prior to going on site. We found some 10,000 full and part panels and its days are clearly numbered. Southwark’s recent public space developments are blessedly free of clutter, and guardrail.

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