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No Bikes, but TI Trains in Venice

…As our own Alex Sully discovered last March. Alex was invited to fabulous Venice to deliver training over two days to several mainland European authorities as part of the PRESTO project. While there he discovered that in Mestre, the mainland part of the city, cycling accounts for 17% of all trips – much higher than in most UK cities.

From the feedback we learned that Alex was considered to be:

“Absolutely excellent, very experienced consultant, clearly (sic) to understand” and

“He not only obviously had a lot of own experience and specialised knowledge but was able to communicate it in an interesting way”.

We already knew that but when you consider his subject was cycle parking strategies even we were impressed!

We suspect Alex may only be out to increases his collection of international hi-vis tabards. He’ll soon have an opportunity to add to examples from Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, and Belgium as he’s due to return to Italy in early 2012. This time he’s off to provide training on cycle infrastructure at an Italian university, as part of a master’s course in transport planning.

Transport Initiatives can provide bespoke CPD accredited training on any cycle-related subject you care to mention (we are currently providing two trainers for the PTRC’s 20 week lecture series), so if you would like to share some of this expertise please contact us.


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