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We are an independent transport planning consultancy, formed in 2005. Our five members all have strong in-depth knowledge of all aspects of active travel, with a particular focus on cycling.

We specialise in innovative ways of developing and promoting active and sustainable transport options, covering every step from initial strategies and audits to managing implementation and monitoring outcomes. Our clients include local authorities, national parks, development bodies, Government Departments, larger consultancies and anyone else requiring practical and achievable sustainable transport solutions.

The Transport Initiatives team mainly developed their skills working in or for local authorities. They also contributed to the work of Cycling England between 2005 and 2010. Our team are internationally recognised as being experts in their field.

Our latest project – Gwynedd Active Travel Schemes Review

The Welsh Active Travel Act (2013) specifies that local authorities prepare Active Travel Plans for towns with over 2000 inhabitants. We recently audited schemes for Gwynedd County Council using the Welsh Active Travel Audit Tool. The tool is optimised for dense flat urban areas and doesn’t handle dispersed settlements scattered over hillsides very well. So a useful scheme here can score poorly. Our report not only itemised the tasks the Council need to undertake to ensure their schemes meet the active travel criteria but also reasons why some of them don’t, or indeed can’t. A common reason in Gwynedd is hills but some roads within settlements can be little changed from their rural origins. The picture shows a scheme which created a new footway near a high school in Bethesda where space for the footway has been taken from fields either side, the stone walls rebuilt and street lighting provided.  

Stage two of the project, currently in progress, is to analyse the 1600 responses to the Commonplace consultation on active travel needs to help the Council prioritise the next tranche of potential routes.